The Future is no longer the Future if you know it – That is called the Past

Looking at the Daily Post’s prompt – well it caught my eye

I have watched so so so many movies and read so many books that deal with the idea of foresight and trying to change the future and they all end up the same way… not how you expected!

I wouldn’t want to have that power while losing a day trying to get to a future where I had forced the actions of maybe others or made force decisions trying to make my future better, only for ‘destiny’ to turn around and slap me in the face and tell me that actually you don’t have that power… I DO!

See if everyone tried to force a future by prediction – then no one would have anything to look forward to. No one would try to make their present actions and decisions a priority because they would have this self-belief that everything would be fine because they already know it will be.

Plus always knowing how things were going to turn out, doesn’t allow you to live in the present. You’ll end up missing out on moments of happiness.

Your future is not called your ‘future’ if you already know the outcome – that my friends would be called your past.


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