Happy New Year! Roll on 2015!!

Okay, so first like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

A New year means new goals, new ideas and new plans. As you may have noticed I’ve deleted a lot of my posts, simply because they seemed more like rambling posts than what I actually wanted to portray on this blog which were my stories. Now that 2015 is here, and I feel like I’m in a better place I hope to stick to this blog thing and actually do some regular postings. I seem to procrastinate a lot which seems to be a default of my personality, I don’t know whether I’m afraid of failing or what but I know I need to stop doing it because not only is it getting on your nerves I’m sure, but it is getting on mine as well.

So this is the plan – I hope to be putting up a post at least once a week although right now I’m not going to make any promises but I thought to myself if I can at least stick to some sort of timetable or weekly goal then it would make things so much easier.

After much painstaking makeovers (simply because there were a lot of households), I’ve finally finished making over the Sims of Riverside. For those that are not aware, Riverside is the neighbourhood that I downloaded from Mod the Sims which was created by Marka94. If you would like to download the neighbourhood check it out at Modthesims.info and just search Riverside and you’ll see it.

Now that I have finally made everyone over, I will adding their character profiles to the Sims 2 Character Registry under the Riverside tab. I’ll also be adding my Pleasantview 3.0 character profiles once I get round to that neighbourhood.

Therefore, primarily (for now) this blog will host my stories of the Sims in Riverside and Pleasantview 3.0 but I plan to add other bits and bobs to this blog too and when I’ve figured out what that will be I’ll let you know. I do plan on providing more background stories on the Sims themselves so that everyone can get a better understanding of these Sims and why they do the things they do.

So sit back and come dive with me into the drama that the little pixels can conjure up in their lives. There may be tears, fights and humour involved so I do hope you enjoy.

PS – I do plan on one day this being a full novel sort of thing with background on the Sims as mentioned and maybe even some side stories that although may not have had a great influence on the main story arc, it was part of the story just maybe not a major part.


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