Neighbourhood Gameplay

Today’s post will be to tell you that I’ve finally (sort of) almost finished my first rotation of my Riverside Hood. Which means that I can now start documenting about the stories with the Sims in the neighbourhood which is exciting for me because it now means that I can write again. I thought I would give you an insight into my sort of play style – I like my game to be integrated which means that I like my Sims to each have a role in the hood and for my Sims to have influences on other Sims lives. I truly believe in the concept that my Sims are characters that have storylines; storylines that could affect other Sims in the neighbourhood or could affect their personal storyline that I may have come up with. Now I try not to make strict rules for my Sims or make them continue on with a storyline if I’ve changed my mind or if they have changed their mind and decide ‘well you know what Sim Goddess – I don’t like your storyline so I’m going to change it’.

Heck I’m all for it – truly am. There is a neighbourhood story arc to my Riverside hood, but as I said there are also family and personal story lines in the hood as well.

WARNING – My blog is 18+ due to stories that may contain sex, drugs, death and other lifestyle choices that may be different from your own. There may be some nudity due to the fact that I have removed the censor in my game and have adult content, but I will try my best to only take artistic pictures of my Sims – and that does mean for all pictures that you will see on this blog.

I don’t consider myself an expert at all about the game, in fact I’ve only been playing for maybe 3 years and I don’t know everything about the game and there are probably better blogs where people have set up scenes that have used pose boxes (I don’t know how to use those, I have tried) and have set up scenes that I wish I could emulate (maybe one day). So far now I hope you enjoy the stories that I have to offer, with my limited experience with the game and with custom content. I will get there one day, I promise.

If you would like to get know the Sims themselves you can check out the Sims 2 Character Registry, and select a neighbour hood which will show you hopefully if I’ve set it up right the Sims character profile for each family. This will be updated as new Sims are introduced (if I decide to make them playable that is) or born into the main storyline.

I can’t think of anything left to say but I hope you enjoy. Below are some shots of what Riverside and its downtown which I call Creek City looks like currently. (The neighbourhood nor its Sub-hoods are finished yet, I have lots more makeovers to do and to add.)I will admit that I do not really build lots, I tend to download them now I used to but my lots then started looking the same and I got bored with building my lots in the end anyways.

Riverside Shot 2

Riverside Neighbourhood View


Riverside Shot 1

Riverside Neighbourhood View shot 2

Riverside New District Area

Riverside – The New District area of the Hood.

Creek City shot 1

(Maxis Downtown) I call it ‘Creek City’.

Creek City (New Metro area) - Riverside downtown

Creek City – New Metro Area




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