Update 24.01.15


Just wanted to inform people that I will be updating the Sims 2 Character Registry with my Sims profiles throughout the weekend (though I sort of want to play more than update :D). So if not this weekend then hopefully over the next couple of weekends.

What you will find is that I have taken the Sims 3 traits and added them to my Sims 2 Sims, many people have done that because like them I feel like it adds more character to your Sims. There are a number of discussions over at Mod the Sims where people have had long and deep conversation regarding this.

I’ve also added in 2nd LTWs for my Sims, because again after having a discussion over at Mod the Sims many people felt too restricted by just the one LTW. Yes, they could achieve their first LTW and then get another one but that isn’t really how I like to play Lifetime Wants. Of course I will explain my Game play ways on my Game Play Notes play when I come round to doing it; but I just like to give my Sims more options really.

I’ll be slowly adding in the going ons in my game, but to be fair I’ve got 11 families and I’m into my 2nd rotation of playing so I haven’t gotten to know my Sims to well as yet but things have happened so it hasn’t been boring at all.

So sit back, relax and have a look around. You guys could probably look at this blog quicker than I could type but I am trying – don’ forget I’m sort of new to all these things so it may take me some time. But please stick around!


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