My want for a platform for my writing and my stories was what prompt me to start this blog, and thus start a sort of writing journal that was digital instead of paper form. I’ve always been into writing and reading people’s stories on their websites or blogs and hope that someone will one day read my stories and find them enjoyable.

My plans for this blog is not only to find a place for me to write more (thereby making sure I continue to write and keep up a writing journal), but also to meet like minded people who too have a love for writing and complex stories.

What you will get with this blog is a documentation of my Sims 2 gameplay – yes you heard correctly – I see the game as a good platform to write stories about the Sims characters within the game. (Every Sim tells a story). You will also (hopefully) be getting updates of a long novel story that I came up with when I was in Secondary school, for real reasons I stopped writing that story. However, now that I have a blog and therefore a place in which people could potentially read this story, I know that this blog will allow me to continue to write the untold story that I never got to finish. Furthermore, I hope to include my other short stories, writing exercises and maybe even film reviews.

As I feel that every writer deserves to claim their work as their own, all I ask is that people not copy my work and claim it as their own. If you do like my work, please link back to my blog.

Thank you.


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