Game Play Notes

Timeline –

I don’t try and keep a tight timeline, I don’t like manually aging my Sims up and very much envy the people that are able to do their two year timeline and calculating when Sims should age up and when they shouldn’t. To be honest it is way to complicated for me, so I try to keep everything simple and if it doesn’t make sense then … not really bothered.

So as of right now:

1 day rotations

Pregnant Sims stay pregnant for about 4/5 days (because I think pregnant Sims are cute)

University has been made faster with a mod, and is now 3 days.

Traits –

How traits work in my game is purely through observation of the Sims which then lets me decide which trait that Sim will get. All Sims get 4 traits, they usually get a trait at certain points – usually 1 as a toddler or child; 1 as a teen; 1 as a young adult or two as an adult. But I usually try to get all my Sims to have their traits by the time their are an Elder. However, if for some reason they don’t have a trait by the time there are an Elder – I would just say that there were a slow developer.

Sim Ages –

Baby – 3 days
Toddlers – 6 days
Children – 12 days
Teens – 12 days
Adults – 35 – 40 days
Elders – 10 – 30 days

Holidays –


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