Year 2020 Spring – Start here Post

I’ve finally started posting about my game.

Please start here



Update 31.01.15

The Jefferson family profiles has been uploaded and will soon be followed by the Roberts family.

As at least three of the Jefferson’s children are children and under not all of their profile will be filled out, that will of course change over time once they have developed more and I’ll tell you guys of when that happens as well.

Also, I’ll be posting my first round of stories starting with the Jefferson family, but because I didn’t have my trustee picture-taking software Gadwin when I first started my game on my new laptop; there may not be a lot of pictures during the first round. That will change of course because now I do have it and can take more pictures.

Furthermore, some information about the way I play in my Game Note Page and just my game information has been updated as well. So check that out too.


Update 24.01.15


Just wanted to inform people that I will be updating the Sims 2 Character Registry with my Sims profiles throughout the weekend (though I sort of want to play more than update :D). So if not this weekend then hopefully over the next couple of weekends.

What you will find is that I have taken the Sims 3 traits and added them to my Sims 2 Sims, many people have done that because like them I feel like it adds more character to your Sims. There are a number of discussions over at Mod the Sims where people have had long and deep conversation regarding this.

I’ve also added in 2nd LTWs for my Sims, because again after having a discussion over at Mod the Sims many people felt too restricted by just the one LTW. Yes, they could achieve their first LTW and then get another one but that isn’t really how I like to play Lifetime Wants. Of course I will explain my Game play ways on my Game Play Notes play when I come round to doing it; but I just like to give my Sims more options really.

I’ll be slowly adding in the going ons in my game, but to be fair I’ve got 11 families and I’m into my 2nd rotation of playing so I haven’t gotten to know my Sims to well as yet but things have happened so it hasn’t been boring at all.

So sit back, relax and have a look around. You guys could probably look at this blog quicker than I could type but I am trying – don’ forget I’m sort of new to all these things so it may take me some time. But please stick around!

Neighbourhood Gameplay

Today’s post will be to tell you that I’ve finally (sort of) almost finished my first rotation of my Riverside Hood. Which means that I can now start documenting about the stories with the Sims in the neighbourhood which is exciting for me because it now means that I can write again. I thought I would give you an insight into my sort of play style – I like my game to be integrated which means that I like my Sims to each have a role in the hood and for my Sims to have influences on other Sims lives. I truly believe in the concept that my Sims are characters that have storylines; storylines that could affect other Sims in the neighbourhood or could affect their personal storyline that I may have come up with. Now I try not to make strict rules for my Sims or make them continue on with a storyline if I’ve changed my mind or if they have changed their mind and decide ‘well you know what Sim Goddess – I don’t like your storyline so I’m going to change it’.

Heck I’m all for it – truly am. There is a neighbourhood story arc to my Riverside hood, but as I said there are also family and personal story lines in the hood as well.

WARNING – My blog is 18+ due to stories that may contain sex, drugs, death and other lifestyle choices that may be different from your own. There may be some nudity due to the fact that I have removed the censor in my game and have adult content, but I will try my best to only take artistic pictures of my Sims – and that does mean for all pictures that you will see on this blog.

I don’t consider myself an expert at all about the game, in fact I’ve only been playing for maybe 3 years and I don’t know everything about the game and there are probably better blogs where people have set up scenes that have used pose boxes (I don’t know how to use those, I have tried) and have set up scenes that I wish I could emulate (maybe one day). So far now I hope you enjoy the stories that I have to offer, with my limited experience with the game and with custom content. I will get there one day, I promise.

If you would like to get know the Sims themselves you can check out the Sims 2 Character Registry, and select a neighbour hood which will show you hopefully if I’ve set it up right the Sims character profile for each family. This will be updated as new Sims are introduced (if I decide to make them playable that is) or born into the main storyline.

I can’t think of anything left to say but I hope you enjoy. Below are some shots of what Riverside and its downtown which I call Creek City looks like currently. (The neighbourhood nor its Sub-hoods are finished yet, I have lots more makeovers to do and to add.)I will admit that I do not really build lots, I tend to download them now I used to but my lots then started looking the same and I got bored with building my lots in the end anyways.

Riverside Shot 2

Riverside Neighbourhood View


Riverside Shot 1

Riverside Neighbourhood View shot 2

Riverside New District Area

Riverside – The New District area of the Hood.

Creek City shot 1

(Maxis Downtown) I call it ‘Creek City’.

Creek City (New Metro area) - Riverside downtown

Creek City – New Metro Area



Happy New Year! Roll on 2015!!

Okay, so first like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

A New year means new goals, new ideas and new plans. As you may have noticed I’ve deleted a lot of my posts, simply because they seemed more like rambling posts than what I actually wanted to portray on this blog which were my stories. Now that 2015 is here, and I feel like I’m in a better place I hope to stick to this blog thing and actually do some regular postings. I seem to procrastinate a lot which seems to be a default of my personality, I don’t know whether I’m afraid of failing or what but I know I need to stop doing it because not only is it getting on your nerves I’m sure, but it is getting on mine as well.

So this is the plan – I hope to be putting up a post at least once a week although right now I’m not going to make any promises but I thought to myself if I can at least stick to some sort of timetable or weekly goal then it would make things so much easier.

After much painstaking makeovers (simply because there were a lot of households), I’ve finally finished making over the Sims of Riverside. For those that are not aware, Riverside is the neighbourhood that I downloaded from Mod the Sims which was created by Marka94. If you would like to download the neighbourhood check it out at and just search Riverside and you’ll see it.

Now that I have finally made everyone over, I will adding their character profiles to the Sims 2 Character Registry under the Riverside tab. I’ll also be adding my Pleasantview 3.0 character profiles once I get round to that neighbourhood.

Therefore, primarily (for now) this blog will host my stories of the Sims in Riverside and Pleasantview 3.0 but I plan to add other bits and bobs to this blog too and when I’ve figured out what that will be I’ll let you know. I do plan on providing more background stories on the Sims themselves so that everyone can get a better understanding of these Sims and why they do the things they do.

So sit back and come dive with me into the drama that the little pixels can conjure up in their lives. There may be tears, fights and humour involved so I do hope you enjoy.

PS – I do plan on one day this being a full novel sort of thing with background on the Sims as mentioned and maybe even some side stories that although may not have had a great influence on the main story arc, it was part of the story just maybe not a major part.