Jefferson Family (Year 2020 – Spring)

Roberts Family (Year 2020 – Spring)

Sam & Barabra Jefferson's morning snuggle

Laying in bed together,  Sam and Barbara relished in the quietness of the house before the kids woke up and both seemed happy at the life they had build together. But the couple couldn’t enjoy the quietness for long as Seth started crying now that he had woken up; and Sam could hear both Carla and Gina arguing about who got to use the bathroom first.

Sam worries - but will he share his problems with wife Barbara

Sam loved having four kids, but at times worried about how he would be able to afford everything that his children wanted. While Gina, Carla and Jim went off to school, Sam needed something to do with his time now that Barbara his doting Family wife was more than capable of looking after Seth on her own. It wasn’t that Sam thought himself Lazy, it was simply because he didn’t think his wife could handle looking after the baby Seth and the twins Carla and Jim when they were younger, and so Sam had quit his job and started at home to help Barbara with the kids. It did mean that at one point money for the Jefferson family was tight; they had only survived when the kids had ben younger by both Sam & Barbara’s savings much to the charging of Barbara’s father Robert Wilkinson at the time. But now the kids were older, Barbara only needed to look after Seth now which meant that Sam could finally get a job (or ‘get off his butt’ according to his father in law) to earn some money for the house.

Sam had heard about a new music record store opening up and decided that although it wasn’t what he wanted to do – which was to open his own business someday and then expand to other businesses. It was at least something for him to do in the meantime, he knew he needed to gain some capital not just so that the family could continue living in the nice home that Sam had bought, but he needed to gain some experience too. So he decided to go for the interview as a Record Store Clerk and during his first day got promoted to Piano Tuner.
Jim brought home Katey Christian from school; while Carla brought home Emily Brown from school. While Gina went off to her room to do her homework and to get away from the craziness that was the house, Jim and Katey played Marco polo in the swimming pool, and Carla and Emily talked about one day traveling the world and meeting famous people.

Gina asked to go to One Stop Shop to finally get the new iSim phone that everyone at her school had been talking about, she had a reputation to think about at school and if she was seen without the new iSim then she knew people would think she was uncool. Sam being the doting dad that he was didn’t want to see Gina go without, gave her the money that he had been paid due to his promotion and allowed Gina to get the new iSim.

Candidshot of Gina Jefferson at One Stop Shop

While at the outing, Gina bumped into the much older but cute Sinjin Couderc where she processed to make a bit of a fool of herself. Sinjin finding her kind of cute took it all with good faith and humoured her for a bit. While out, Gina knew she had to get a Mother’s Day present and decided to get her some of the biggest flowers she could find at the grocery store. She hoped her mum liked them at least, even if they were last minute.

Josephine Rowland - The good witch

The mysterious Josephine Rowland turned up in an outfit what Gina could only describe as a witch outfit gone wrong, and a weird light seemed to shine over the shop.

Back home, Barbara secretly hoped that no one had forgotten that it was Mother’s Day and was looking forward to see whether her children would give her anything. Of course they did, Sam had made sure of that!

Gina gives her mum her Mother's Day present

Carla gives her Mother her Mother's Day present

Jim gives her mother her Mother's Day gift

It did seem however that out of all her children, Barbara seemed most happy when her son Jim Carla’s twin brother decided to give her his favourite train toy – Gina and Carla and Sam had given her beautiful flowers but she knew that Jim giving her his favourite toy as a present was the cutest present she had ever received. (She does seem to favour her little JJ)

Sam finished potty training Seth, while Barbara took a nice long soak in the tub. To end a casual day, Sam and Barbara woohooed the night away. (Thank goodness their fertility levels are low – no baby chimes were heard.)


Pictures of Gina, Carla and Jim’s ‘Mother’s Day’ Presents.


Gina's gift to Barbara

Carla & Jim’s: (Jim gave his mum his favourite train toy … too cute)

Carla & Jim's gifts to Barbara

P.S – As I explained in my update post, I didn’t take a lot of photos during the first round of my playing because I didn’t have my Gadwin Picture taking software ready. I’m playing my Sims 2 game on a new laptop, and my old laptop had far more pictures maybe if I’m bothered I may try and dig those pictures out and try and rework them into the pictures I’ve taken on my new laptop. But we’ll see.


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